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An initiative of Cuidando Los Niños

What is Circles?

Circles USA is a nation-wide non-profit community-based poverty alleviation group with the mission of “Building community to end poverty through intentional friendships, personal transformation, and systemic change led by the people closest to the challenge.”

We are launching an Albuquerque based chapter of Circles USA!

 At Circles USA, we believe the right and the left can work together to reduce and eradicate poverty. Our model focuses both on what individuals can do to change their situations and on what communities can do to remove the barriers that stand in their way.

A Circles USA chapter gathers people who are motivated to move out of poverty and matches them with middle-income and high-income volunteers who can support and encourage them on their journey.

Through in-person training and weekly meetings, participants (called Circle Leaders) build friendships with volunteers (called Allies). Over time, these relationships help families climb out of poverty and achieve financial stability. The opportunities and obstacles families experience are shared with the larger community, so successes can be celebrated, and the barriers can be overcome.

How can I get involved?

Circles ABQ needs volunteers! Here are some examples of volunteer opportunities:

Become an Ally – After receiving training, two Allies are matched with every Circle Leader. These intentional friendships are the foundation of the Circles model. Circle Leaders set their own goals and run the weekly meetings. As an Ally your job is to listen, ask questions, and make suggestions. You’ll help Circle Leaders use their unique gifts and skills to reach their goals, and Circle Leaders will help you understand poverty in your community.

Join the Community Team to help organize and serve meals for weekly meetings or coordinate the Circles program for children and teens.

Join the Jobs and Education Team to help Circle Leaders achieve their education and employment goals.

Join the Services Team to identify existing community services that might support Circle Leaders.

Join the Big View Team to host meetings that elevate the voices of Leaders to share their experiences and successes with community members, community leaders, policy makers, and legislators in order to identify and eliminate barriers that keep our community in poverty.

Join the Recruitment Team to help Albuquerque get excited and involved in Circles! Reach out to local organizations and businesses to recruit Circles Leaders, Allies, and Volunteers.

Next Steps

Complete an application for the position you are interested in!

Leader Job Description

Leader Application

Leader Nomination

Ally Job Description

Ally Application

Volunteer Application

You will be contacted by the Circles ABQ Coordinator to schedule an interview.

Complete any necessary training (determined by your position of interest.)

Depending on the position, you may need to complete a background check.

Read more about Circles USA here

Contact us

Reach out directly to us at:

Marissa Brown
Advocacy Program Manager
Brittany Yazzie
Advocacy Coordinator

Or send us an email with any questions or if you would like help getting started.

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