About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Cuidando Los Niños is to break the cycle of homelessness for children and families. We do this by providing high quality early childhood education, supportive housing, parent education and advocacy alongside the families.

Core Values

The B.R.I.G.H.T. values were established by the leadership team as the foundation of Cuidando Los Niños and serve as the ethical standard for all leaders, staff, and visitors of Cuidando Los Niños.


Working together to build strong futures for clients and employees through philanthropy, advocacy, education, kindness and compassion.


Demonstrate respect for all members of Cuidando Los Niños including employees, clients, visitors, and volunteers. Respect is demonstrated by valuing others regardless of their background, being considerate of someone’s time, and valuing each other’s privacy. Demonstrating compassion and embracing a welcoming environment with conscientious understanding of external factors impacting people’s lives. 


Inclusion of every member of the community including clients, volunteers, visitors and employees. Recognizing we each hold value and share unique experiences. Ensuring every member of Cuidando Los Niños is equally represented in the development of our success.


Grow your knowledge, skills and abilities utilizing professional development opportunities to further your own career goals. Help the clients of Cuidando Los Niños to grow and develop their own potential to be successful members of the community.


Honor your commitments and demonstrate accountability for the quality of the work completed or not completed. Ensuring your job responsibilities are met on time and accurately. Honoring the autonomy of each member of Cuidando Los Niños.


Teamwork through involvement and communication within each department and the organization as a whole. Acting as a team to achieve excellence through the interactions we have with all members of Cuidando Los Niños, and the community, providing assistance to others, seek additional duties, demonstrating commitment to the mission, and seeking support when needed.

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